Some Of My Favorite Quotes

God set up the home for the Daddy to be in charge. -Pastor Jim Vineyard

"It takes less time to do a thing right than it does to explain why you did it wrong."
-Henry Wadsorth Longfellow

There needs to be a revival of the sewing machine in the home.
-Pastor Terry Anglea, Youth Conference 2001

Did it ever occur to you that nothing ever occurs to God?
żNunca se le ha occurido que a Dios nada le ocurre?

Affliction is a better friend of character than affluence.

Old-fashioned character and discipline will keep you in the will of God.
-Dr. Joe Finn, Dean of Oklahoma Baptist College

Is anything too hard for the Lord? -The Holy Bible, Genesis 18:14

Today seems to be a "two cups of coffee" day.
-My friend Sarah

HASTE MAKES WASTE! -the ever-wise Ben Franklin

"El querer es poder." (Desire is power.)

Ladies dressed modestly do more to preserve our nation than the U.S. Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force combined.
-Dr. Ron Gearis, President, Rock of Ages Prison Ministry

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