From Children to Children

(for SIGN WRITING Children and Teachers)

This site is designed for children, and much of it is written by children, who, using a signed language, have taken their stories and other writings into SignWriting as their media of expression.

Our first eleven stories have been expressed in American Sign Language by children and their teacher from CANADA . Our second set of stories came to us from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA . We encourage other children and teachers of any nation to write items to and for children in other Sign Languages also, and submit them to us (webmaster at for publication on this site. In August, 2003, we started a Pen-Pal page service. Messages will be posted to pen pals for a limited time per letter on this site. In September, 2003, we began posting children's keyboard learning and animated .gif galleries. Please visit them and see the wonderful art created by children while learning the SignWriter keyboard!

The original .sgn or .pdf file for each story page is available from Cyberjer for FTP download, and there will be an FTP icon at the bottom of the individual web page, with the filename, for use with your browser. Original pen-pal files are not available for download.

List of writings available:

(Click on View to read item).

View_"NICHOLAS" by Nicholas from Canada

View_"BRIANNA" by Brianna from Canada

View_"PATRICIA" by Patricia from Canada

View_"NICOLE" by Nicole from Canada

View_"IAN" by Ian from Canada

View_"BOB" by Ian from Canada

View_"JANELLE" by Janelle from Canada

View_"JANELE" by Janele from Canada

View_"BASEBALL" by Rebecca from Canada

View_"REASON" by Janene from Canada

View_"A TEACHER'S JOY" by TINI from Canada

View_"THE ALIEN" by Ms. Allen's Class from Albuquerque, NM, USA

View_"THE ISLAND" by Ms. Allen's Class from Albuquerque, NM, USA

View_"HUNGRY" by LANCE from Albuquerque, NM, USA


ViewThe SignWriter Galleries (Children's Learning Art)

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