Children's SignWriter MANNIKEN GALLERY, PAGE #2

The following drawings were made with Signwriter software.

Johannes Alois (Age 11)

[1] 2_im_boot two in the boat

[2] artist artist

[3] auto1 auto

[4] auto2 auto

[5] auto5 auto

[6] auto_monstertruck monster pickup truck

[7] baelle balls

[8] basketballer basketball player

[9] breakdancer break dancers

[10] breakdancer_kopfdrehung break dancer on his head

[11] cooler_typ being cool

[12] fussballer2 soccer player

[13] fusballer another soccer player

[14] gewichtheber weight-lifter

[15] hockeyspieler2 hockey-player

[16] hockeyspieler another hockey-player

[17] jojo_spieler_freunde friends playing with yo-yos

[18] jojo_spieler_uebt person playing with yo-yo

[19] katze cat

[20] kegler bowler

[21] koffertraeger boxer

[22] maenniken_liest_buch stick figure with book

[23] mann_im_boot man in boat

[24] mann_im_motorboot man in motorboat

[25] mann_mit_gewehr man with

[26] mann_mit_hammer man with hammer

[27] mann_mit_seifenblasen man with soap-bubbles-maker

[28] mann_mit_wimpel man with hat

[29] mann_zieht_wagen man pulls wagon

[30] maske face mask

[31] ritter knight

[32] schwertkrieger sword fighter

[33] skateboarder skate-boarder

[34] skateboarder_in_hocke skate boarder in the air

[35] skater_cool cool skater

[36] skater_fasst_an fast skater

[37] skater_handstand skater does a handstand

[38] springer5 tumbler

[39] springer tumbler

[40] springer_2 tumbler

[41] springer_koepper tumbler

[42] surfer surfer

[43] torwart

[44] wilder_taenzer crazy person

[45] winken happy-applause

[46] zoowaerter zoo keeper

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