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This site is dedicated to those singers, teachers, and other artists using a signed language, who have written their songs into SignWriting as their media of expression. It is our desire that, as we add pages to this site, you may become interested in Sign Writing, and join in our efforts to promote Sign Writing in everyday use as the standard, practical media for writing deaf sign language throughout the world.

Our first song has been expressed in American Sign Language. We encourage others World-Wide to write poetry in other Sign Languages also, and submit them to us for publication.

If you have authored songs or rendered songs, and would like to submit your Sign Writing Song (in any language) for publication on this site, please e-mail SSP at with a copy of the .sgn, .gif, or .jpg file(s) attached and your permission to use that file. We ask that you only submit songs that are suitable for children and families.

If the displayed file is available from Cyberjer for FTP download, there will be an FTP icon at the bottom of the song page, with the filename.


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View_"This Is The Day" by Tini Pel


View_ "BIND US TOGETHER", expressed in ASL Sign Writing by Tini Pel

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